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Electric Car Charger Installation Coventry

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For electric car charger Installation Coventry – We are Government-approved installers of electric vehicle chargers serving Coventry, Birmingham, and the Midlands

We are delighted to work in partnership with leading designers and manufacturers of electric vehicle equipment, such as Rolec EV  EO Limited  My-Energi Project EV Wallbox and many more to provide you with a high-quality one-stop service.

We offer a full turnkey service including:

  • free site survey
  • design
  • installation
  • registration
  • billing
  • smart control
  • maintenance
  • future expansion

Are all Electric Car Chargers the same?

The simple answer is no electric car chargers vary this is why it is essential to contact an independent car charger installer for advice. People with solar panels will be best suited to a charger that can take the power directly from their solar panels. That is of course if they are not at work and they can charge in the day. Companies who want data and to charge drivers the cost of charging will need a smart charger. Those companies who just intend the charger to be of use for the MD and staff might not want to charge the electricity usage. They would be happy with a dumb charger. Other companies may want banks of chargers. The list goes on call 02476 309621  for advice


Car Charger Installation Coventry

There are lots of benefits that come with driving an electric car (EV), but as we speak to drivers about EVs every day we do understand that many people still have concerns about making the switch from petrol or diesel. Even with well-established car brands such as Mini and Vauxhall now entering the market alongside electric car innovators Tesla.

According to a motoring research organisation, the RAC Foundation, around one in five job adverts require the applicant to be able to drive. With more than 15 million people regularly driving to work in England and Wales, and light vans accounting for more than 50 billion vehicle miles each year, there are plenty of people who rely on their car or van for work.

So it’s not surprising that one of the biggest issues on people’s minds usually revolves around how long it takes to charge an electric car. If you are on the road a lot or using your car or van for work you might think that charging times mean electric just isn’t for you. But you may be surprised to learn that charging up might not take anywhere near as long as you think.

As a Government approved Car Charging Installation company with many manufacturers, we can advise on the correct charger for your requirements.

There is no one-size fits all company supplying chargers, let us advise you on the best charger for your needs.

All our installation staff are fully NICEIC qualified. Your installation is covered by the NICEIC platinum promise. 

Our car charger installers have been chosen by our sister company Able-electrician.co.uk

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